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Our mission

To help companies take the most benefits from radio technologies, whatever they are: fixed, mobile, local, wide area.


March 2010   Kimeggi Consulting is founded by Benoît Ponsard, with a vision: connecting products turns out to be a long-lasting trend in many businesses.

2010-2015   Kimeggi serves 30+ customers in France.

December 2014   Benoît Ponsard joins Sigfox as Director of Standardisation.

October 2020   Kimeggi starts a new stage with a renewed consultancy scope: advise and support companies on their spectrum and radio standard policy.

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Name & Logo

The name Kimeggi is built with the first syllables of the prefixes kilo, mega, giga. These prefixes are heavily used in the communication ecosystem: kilobits, megabytes, gigahertz, etc. Our logo is a combination of the letters k, M, and G.

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We monitor, attend and/or contribute in many committees to bring you the most up-to-date information on standards, technologies and spectrum regulations.

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